LadyBugz Release Notes


This version fixes a bug when running on OS X Lion. In previous versions, Reply would not open any window. This version has fixed the problem.


This version fixes a crashing bug caused by the snippet auto-import feature.

LadyBugz 1.7.1

We also regret to announce that we are discontinuing the development of LadyBugz. We explain the reason and what this means to you on our blog.

LadyBugz 1.7

LadyBugz 1.6.11

This version fixes a crashing bug during the removal of search keywords.

LadyBugz 1.6.10

This version further fixes a number of crashing bugs in the previous version, especially the ones when replying to a case or resolving a case.

LadyBugz 1.6.9

This version:

LadyBugz 1.6.7

This version:

LadyBugz 1.6.6

This version fixes a number of bugs that caused random crashes in different places. We recommend all users upgrade to this version.

LadyBugz 1.6.1

This version fixes a bug that caused LadyBugz to check for new cases too frequently after machine woke up from sleep.

LadyBugz 1.6

This is a major update. We recommend everyone upgrade to this version. Improvements and fixes include:

LadyBugz 1.5

In this version, we have rewritten the case history view. LadyBugz now presents a case's history in a consolidated list, much like FogBugz's own web interface. This version also comes with a number of improvements and bug fixes:

LadyBugz 1.3

This version adds support of virtual users and subcase tree collapsing. It also includes an important bug fix. Improvements include:

LadyBugz 1.2

This version supports in-app viewing of media clips, documents, and images. Improvements include:

LadyBugz Version 1.1.2

This version addresses one performance issue, supports tag removal, and has two UI additions:

LadyBugz Version 1.1.1

This is a minor update that:

LadyBugz Version 1.1

This version supports quick opening of media attachments and addresses a core performance issue:

Version 1.1 also comes with a number of new features, fixes and adjustments:

Version 1.0.1

This is is a minor update that addresses a number of bugs and stability issues. This version:

Version 1.0

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