LadyBugz Frequently Asked Questions

I found bugs! What should I do?

As we have discontinued developing LadyBugz, we will not be able to do much. If you'd like to write to us, our email address is:

Which versions of FogBugz are supported?

FogBugz 6, 7, and 8 installations are supported. They include all FogBugz on Demand installations (those hosted by FogCreek) and your own FogBugz installations.

Since FogBugz 6 does not have subcase support, LadyBugz will not be able to create subcases. That's probably the only major difference from the perspective of LadyBugz.

How do I import snippets?

As of LadyBugz 1.7.1, snippets saved on your FogBugz website are automatically imported. If you are upgrading from a previous version of LadyBugz, you can use View > Refresh All to force reload.

Why are there limitations in editing certain fields?

Some limitations come from FogBugz API. We have filed requests to FogCreek. We will upgrade LadyBugz as soon as the API is updated.

Current known limitations include:

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